New staff referral for financial wellbeing support

A new service is available to provide advice and support to any NLC colleague worried about their money matters.

Money worries can affect anyone and the stress can have a big impact on your health. The Financial Inclusion Team will provide free, impartial and confidential money management support to any colleague who requests it.

This support can be on money management challenges like maximising your income, debt and budgeting advice for the short and long term.  It can be by email, over the phone or in person, whatever the colleagues preference is.

To get some support with your money worries get in touch  at  or on 01698 520 649.  A senior officer of the Financial Inclusion team will then arrange the support.   The request for support will be completely confidential and not shared in any way.

A great starting point is to have a look at a self help guide created by the Finacial Inclusion team to help you look at possible solutions to tackle your money worries.