Specially-trained gender-based violence support officers are in place to assist any employees who have experienced emotional, sexual or physical abuse at any time in their life.

Gender-based violence in all forms can impact on the people and communities of North Lanarkshire. As the largest employer in North Lanarkshire, we know there is the potential for approximately one in four employees to have experienced domestic abuse in the past or currently.

Whether abuse takes place within or outside of the workplace, the implications for employees who experience it are significant. It can have a detrimental impact on health and well-being, which may affect attendance, performance and productivity.

The Council is committed to working to eradicate gender based violence in North Lanarkshire and supporting employees experiencing it.

If you have experienced physical, emotional or sexual abuse at any time in your life and it is having an impact on you, there are specially trained colleagues in the council who can help.

You can also email them at GBVSupportofficers@northlan.gov.uk.

Sandra Black 01236 812825

Audrey Cameron 01236 812851

Laura Graham 01236 618345

Julie Hunter 01698 274141

Gerry Ranachan 01698 403989

Marion Sankus 01236 856170

Helen Sneddon 01698 894143

Lynn Williamson 01698 274656