What is on offer?

A team walking challenge for Scottish workplaces starting this October.  Its aims to get us more active through walking more in our day to day lives.  More specifics on the 2020 challenge to follow.  Details of the 2019 competition below.

How does it work?

You track your daily steps count using your phone, fit bit or pedometer.  You then log your steps on the Steps Count Challenge website.  Steps teken in work and outside of work both count. If you want you can keep an eye on the leaderboard to see what teams are doing best.

How do I get involved?

Get a team  together (max of 5) in your workplace and enter the team by emailing getwalkinglanarkshire@northlan.gov.uk.  The quicker the better as the first 50 teams get free entry!  Once the free spaces are taken you can still enter a team through Autumn Step Count Challenge website (£30 a team).

If you need to borrow a pedometer you can get one from Getwalking Lanarkshire team.

You got any top tips on walking more?

Sure do, we’ve got lots of top tips on walking more  and some great lunch time routes with “Walk the Block“.

Walk About Stirling Jun 12 - CONSENT GIVEN (1021)2018 saw lots of colleagues participating

25 teams of NLC colleagues took part in the 2018 Autumn Step Count Challenge.    Over the four weeks the teams recorded their daily step counts using a pedometer, app or activity tracker.     419 teams across Scottish workplaces took part and amazingly 3 of the NLC teams finished in the top 5 team rankings!  The winning team (from NLC of course! )recorded 3,863,659 steps.

Like the idea of walking more often?

If you like the idea of walking more you can find out about a variety of 35 weekly Get Walking Lanarkshire groups and links to other local walking groups.

Walk the Block” offers the opportunity to take some daily exercise right on your doorstep!

I love being active – what else can i do?

If you like being active and experiencing different activities you might really like CSSC membership.