Are you interested in developing a lunchtime walking habit?

“Walking the Block” offers the opportunity to take some daily exercise right on your doorstep in the shape of a pre-planned half mile walk ether as a group or by yourself at a pace and time of your choosing.

Taking a short break from your desk combined with a bit of exercise is a great opportunity to recharge your batteries before a busy afternoon.  We have mapped out an approximate half mile walking route around our main offices.  Based in a different location and want a half mile route?  You can plot your own route using a route mapping tool.




The half mile distance (approx. 1,000 steps) ensures the walk can be completed comfortably within your lunch break, wth plenty of time (before or after) to actually eat your lunch, 2 circuits for the more energetic would amount to 5 miles or approx. 10,000 additional steps per working week … a healthy addition to your current fitness regime!

It would be good to hear from you if you are a current lunchtime walker, or start “walking the block” and are willing to share your average weekly walking distance with us,this would give the us an insight into our walking participation at present.
Our email address for your mileage info or any questions is . Best foot forward!

Do you like to walk but suffer from feet complaints?

If you have feet complaints you can access Podiatry services through the work well NL Podiatry provider WilsonGrant Podiatry.

I like the the idea of being more active, what else can I access?

Within North Lanarkshire there are lots of activities you can get involved in to get more physically active for free.