Podiatry support

Do you have a lower limb or foot problem that could be helped by podiatry?  You can access podiatry support through work well NL.  Find out below what podiatry support is available through our Podiatry provider WilsonGrant Podiatry and work well NL Podiatry – Steps for an appointment.

What type of podiatry support is available?

If your role involves being on your feet all day or if you have feet complaints you can access podiatry core treatments.

Core Treatments

  • Verruca treatments
  • Biomechanical assessment
  • Ingrown toenail treatment
  • Diabetic foot assessment
  • Nail cut/dressing
  • Fungal testing

Non core treatments

  • Nail surgery
  • Custom orthotics

To support your wellness the cost of the core treatments listed above will be paid by the council’s work well NL team.  Non-core treatments are available and further discussion would need to take place on whether the council’s work well NL team or you the employee would pay for the non-core treatments.  The above treatment lists are not exhaustive and there may be other podiatry treatments that you could better aid you feet.

How is the podiatry being carried out in 2021?

Please click or tap on the rainbow image for the latest updates on access to podiatry support inline with social distancing requirements.

I want to request podiatry support

If you feel you may benefit from an appointment with the podiatry provider, please speak to your manager and see the work well NL Podiatry – Steps for an appointment.

The work well NL Podiatry service is targeted to NLC colleagues who are on their feet during the working day or for employees who have feet complaints.

For assistance with any queries or questions please email NLpodiatry@northlan.gov.uk