Mindfulness is about paying attention to what we are experiencing in the present moment, our thoughts and feelings and also what is going on around us. Below is a selection of some resources with information about what it is and how to practice mindfulness.  Janet Incecik Education Psychologist provides a short intro to mindfulness (on the right of the screen) and provides some bite size activities below.

Ten bite size mindfulness clips

provide by NLC colleague Janet Incecik

NHS mindfulness page exploring what mindfulness is, the benefits of it and how to practice it.

This NHS quiz Your Mind Plan includes 5 questions for you. The answers will help you build a practical plan you can use to help support your mental wellness and mindfulness benefits.

Two more video clips on mindfulness

A great indepth video featuring Jon Kabat-Zinn of University of Massachusetts Medical School.  In this workshop at Goggles HQ Jon ,described as the godfather of modern mindfulness, explores the power of mindfulness and how to do it

NHS mindful breathing exercise video – two min intro

Top mindfulness resources

Stress control offer free access to a range of mindfulness tracks

This activity pack details eight mindfulness exercises 

Access both guided and self guided mindfulness exercises

With the Coronavirus outbreak many mindfulness organisations and teachers are providing additonal free mindfulness related resources

Free online mindfulness course run by Aberdeen University – Learn to build emotional resilience and wellbeing

Free daily online practice sessions run by the Mindfulness Association.

Practising mindful cooking provides some ideas on incorporating mindfulness into your cooking

Wonder what mindfulness can you for you?  Then have a look at: