Explore your feelings of anxiety and uncertainty

The pandemic has meant we’ve all needed to make major lifestyle changes incredibly quickly.

The restrictions placed on social contact have been more difficult for some than others, and the same is likely as restriction measures are changed and updated over the coming months.  There is an assumption by some that this easing will be a happy, even joyful, experience – but it could bring a variety of stresses and worries for many of us, including…

  • Anxiety about infection as we interactive with others more and more
  • Frustration at others we see flouting restrictions
  • Reluctance to let go of our established routines and embrace the updated restrictions
  • Uncertainty or unwillingness to rearrange delayed events due to the pandemic
  • Questioning rationale if we are interacting more while others are not
  • Uncertainty about how relationships may have changed during lockdown

Explore your feelings of anxiety and uncertainty with the support below

Video from the British Red Cross 

This video looks at a useful approach to managing worries when things are hard and focusing on what you can control

Explore your resilience  Explore your resilience and the small steps you can make to build it up

NHS inform self help guide on anxietyWork through a guide for people with mild to moderate anxiety symptoms learning about symptoms,  more about anxiety and finding ways to manage or overcome anxiety