Take part in a walking challenge

A workplace team walking challenge starts this spring for eight weeks.  Its a fun way to keep your activity levels up from Monday 2 May until Sunday 26 June.

How does it work?

You track your daily steps count using your phone, fit bit or pedometer.  You then log your steps on the Steps Count Challenge website and this goes towards your team total.  Plus you can now sync step data from Google Fit, Fitbit and Strava with the Step Count website if you want to do it that way.

How do I get involved?

Get a team together (max of 5) and enter the team by emailing workwellNL@northlan.gov.uk The quicker the better as the first 37 NLC teams get free entry saving you the team entry fee.  Please include in the e-mail: names and e-mail addresses of the team members and indicate which team member is team captain.

You got any top tips on walking more?

Sure do, we’ve got lots of top tips on walking more  whether its lunch time strolls to walk’n’talk meetings.  Plus we have some great routes ideas 🙂

Previous walking challenges

Over 200 NLC teams have now taken part in the Step Count Challenges.    During the challenges these teams have recorded their daily step counts to add to their team total.  In a recent challenge amazingly three of the NLC teams finished in the top five team rankings across all Scottish workplaces!  The winning team (from NLC of course! ) recorded 3,863,659 steps.

How many steps are in a mile?

You’re keen aren’t you! It’s estimate that 2,235 steps are the equivalent to one mile but everyone’s stride is different so this is just an average.

Any team targets to aim for?

Nope its all about teams keeping active and having some fun.  If you are after a distance target to work towards as a team you can challenge yourselves to see if you can walk the distance of the North Lanarkshire boundary – 84 miles in total (based on a quick  route app).  If you really get into the challenge as team you may even complete two or three loops of the North Lanarkshire boundary! Its amazing how the miles add up as a team.